02_portfolioThis portfolio is a brief sampling of some of the original works I’ve created in the Business Intelligence and technology arenas.  These samples have been intentionally chosen as they utilize no business data and, instead, primarily feature authentic data from the hobby of Geocaching or sometimes outright sample data.  The intent is to showcase some of the work I have done in a way that does not compromise any proprietary business information.  All work presented here is my own.  Many of these items have accompanying blog posts which go into greater detail regarding the methodology used.


SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
jcht1_thumb Jackson County, GA Heritage Trail Analysis
gcinsight1_thumb1 GCInisght Geocaching Statistics Edition I
Trackable_Race_Results_thumb Geocaching Travel Bug Race Results
reportusage_sample_thumb SSRS Usage Reporting
Power BI / Tableau
profile-ssis-1-thumb Geocache Heatmap with Power Map
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
profile-ssis-1-thumb Importing Geocaches to SQL Server
ciscossis1_thumb Cisco Call Accounting
Custom .NET Application Development
gc_dashboard_example_thumb Geocaching HTML/JavaScript Dashboard
tbrace_map1_thumb Mapping Trackables with the Google Maps API
tbrace_map2_thumb1 Mapping Trackables with an Animated Google Map