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Office Hijinks: Halloween 2016 – Haunted Office Cemetery

Office Halloween 2016

What better way to celebrate one of the mot fun holidays of the year than with a few office shenanigans?  This year, we decided to go big and built a giant haunted cemetery, complete with crypt, sound effects, and fog machine in the office.  It was pretty incredible!

It took us around 2 weeks from start to finish, with one very long weekend piecing everything together, but it came out pretty well.  The best and most haunted Office Cemetery I’ve ever seen!  Check out the full album below.



The Haunted Office Cemetery


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Office Hijinks: The Treasure of Premiere Parkway

The assembled treasure map in the bottle of grog.I’ve been known, from time to time, to execute a fun and harmless over-the-top creative office prank.  With my upcoming departure from my current organization, I thought it might be fun to launch one last bit of fun, timed to be found at some point after i’d left.

I’d always liked the idea of hiding something (non-evil) in my desk to be found at some point by a future inhabitant of the desk.  I’d also heard of someone else calling the job documentation they were leaving behind a “treasure map.”  So, that’s where the idea was born — why not leave behind an actual treasure map to an actual treasure?  And if a treasure map is going to be created, then of course we’re going to need a pirate theme!

I had grand plans and ideas on how to make a fairly involved hunt — but, due to time restrictions and actually wanting this to be found, I decided  on a simpler approach to a basic map and instructions which led directly to buried treasure.  I had one other speed bump encountered at the last minute — my office and desk were to be reworked the day I was leaving, so leaving clues strategically placed there wasn’t going to work.

Never fear!  I managed to leave a small clue in a common area of the office (which managed to go unnoticed for a week) which then led treasure hunters to the map, which ultimately led to the prize hidden outside in the woods.  The hunt was great fun and was a great success!  Hopefully it was enjoyed by all.



The unfolded treasure map with its bottle.

The unfolded treasure map with its bottle.

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Office Hijinks: Tapey’s Big Day Out

Tapey visits the World's Largest Egg in Washington.

In October of 2015, the office tape dispenser, Tapey, decided that he’d had enough and headed out for a rule-breaking vacation out west.

I’d originally found this idea on Reddit, however, as it turns out, it was actually just a marketing stunt.  Tapey’s adventure, was completely legitimate.

After enjoying his time abroad, he made it safely back to his home on the supply shelf of “Room 9” at Rocket IT, with nobody the wiser — until they saw his album.

Check out the full album of Tapey’s adventures here:

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The Office Hijinks Series – Part 10: Operation Tiki Beach

The Office Hijinks Series – Part 10: Operation Tiki Beach

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your office was the beach?  Me too.  It turns out, it’s difficult to move your office to the beach, so for this installment, I did the next best thing…I brought the beach to the office!

In July of 2013, Wendy went on a weeklong cruise.  You know what happens when you leave your office unguarded for a week — hijinks ensue!  In this case, I decided to bring the beach to Wendy’s office, complete with a beachy backdrop, palm trees, a full Tiki Bar, and local wildlife.  All we were missing were the margaritas…next time!  Enjoy!

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The Office Hijinks Series – Part 9: Halloween Pumpkin Contest

The Office Hijinks Series – Part 9: Halloween Pumpkin Contest

Well, it’s not quite October, but in continuing my Office Hijinks Series of posting fun and creative things done at the office, I present to you the Halloween Pumpkin Contest of October, 2012.

In October of 2012, we decided to have a Halloween Pumpkin Carving/Decoration contest.  While not quite a prank like the other posts in this series, some of them came out great, which makes this a deserving addition.  The big and creepy one on the right is mine.  Enjoy!

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The Office Hijinks Series – Part 8: Cats, Cats, Cats!

The Office Hijinks Series – Part 8: Cats, Cats, Cats!

So, what do you do when you have a co-worker that is a self-proclaimed “cat lady” and she goes out of town for a few days?

Well, you indulge it of course!  With lots and lots of cats.

In September of 2012, Katie — our self-declared office “cat lady” went out of town for a few days.  While she was away, a few strays moved into her cube.  Big cats and little cats, pink cats and blue cats.  You name it, we had it all.  One even came with its own litter box.  Not to mention the “Crazy Cat Lady” action figure.  Enjoy!

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The Office Hijinks Series – Part 7: Full of Hot Air

The Office Hijinks Series – Part 7: Full of Hot Air

I’ve heard of people doing things like this before — the cubicle full of balloons or peanuts, but had yet to actually see it in real life.

So, it was time to give it a try!  Eric was out of the office for a few days, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and the chaos of our ongoing office renovation.

It turns out, that it takes a LOT of balloons to fill an office…and a lot of air.  The team spent the evening with a number of balloon pumps blowing up and tying balloons.  It took us about 500 regular sized balloons to fill a 12×12 office to about waist height.  At that point, we were quite literally out of steam and capped things off with the Monkey King to lord over his balloon kingdom.

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The Office Hijinks Series – Part 6: Oh Yeah! Kool-Aid Man

The Office Hijinks Series – Part 6: Oh Yeah!  Kool-Aid Man

In July of 2012, the lease for our office space had come up for renewal.  As part of the renewal deal, a renovation of the office space was planned to make better use of the space we had.

As part of the renovation, some offices were to be removed…and what do offices have?  Walls!  And who do we know that likes to break down walls?  The Kool-Aid Man!

Mark’s office was one of the two that were to be removed, so he had the idea that it’d be fun to create a giant Kool-Aid Man mural on the wall — after all, all the drywall and carpet was going away anyway.

Over the course of a few days, an epic Kool-Aid Man was created and not too long after, he smashed through the wall as workers removed it in favor of the new open floorplan.  Apparently, the workers got a good laugh out of him as well.

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The Office Hijinks Series – Part 5: The Christmas House

The Office Hijinks Series – Part 5: The Christmas House

In December of 2011, I went out of town for a week of skiing out in the Rockies of Colorado.  Upon my return, I was greet with something strange…something beautiful…

While I was out of town, my coworkers turned my office into a giant Christmas house.  Complete with a snowy roof, wood walls, window, doors, and glittery snow everywhere.  Quite a piece of craftsmanship!  I need to go on vacation more often.

I left the house up for as long as I could, though unfortunately, it started to fall apart after about a month or so.  It’s a bit tricky to work when your roof is starting to collapse.  They don’t make ’em like they used to!

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The Office Hijinks Series – Part 4: The Baconing

The Office Hijinks Series – Part 4: The Baconing

In this weeks installment of The Office Hijinks Series, we travel back to August of 2011.  In this episode, Matt, our victim and also the CEO of the company was heading out of town for a week.

Also, as it turns out, Matt is a vegetarian…

So, how better to try to convert a vegetarian back to the fold?  A little baconing, methinks!

We covered the office with all sorts of bacon and bacon-related accessories.  Unfortunately, being a bit fashionable these days, tacky bacon items can be a bit pricey, so a lot was made by had through various crude methods.

The extra-large Mr. Bacon was the most fun to put together…he got to hang around the office for some time after the rest of the bacon departed.  Enjoy!

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