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SQL Saturday Roundup: #624 – Chattanooga, TN

On Saturday, June 24th, I attended SQL Saturday #624 in Chattanooga, TN.  I’m a bit behind in posting this writeup, so I’ll keep it short.  This was my second time attending an event in Chattanooga (and I believe their 3rd overall).  The event went very smoothly and had a very well selected schedule of speakers and topics.  As with other Chattanooga SQL Saturdays, nobody leaves without being offered Moon Pies, which is a great and fun touch!


I attended a number of excellent sessions and really enjoyed my day in Chattanooga.  With my crazy summer schedule, this looked to be the only summer event I’d be able to attend, so I’m glad it was a good one.  Looking forward to visiting Chattanooga again some time in the future!  See below for a few of my pictures from the event:

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SQL Saturday Roundup: #410 – Chattanooga, TN

SQLSAT410_webSQL Saturday Roundup: #410 – Chattanooga, TN

This past weekend, I had the privilege of volunteering to help Chattanooga, TN execute their first SQL Saturday — SQL Saturday 410!  Being only about a two hour drive from where I live, I was very happy to see another nearby city launch a new SQL Saturday event.  For a first-run event, the event went very smoothly and I witnessed no show-stopping glitches.  While there were small things that could be improved here and there (there always are), I felt the event was executed very well and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.  All told, there were about six full sponsor tables setup in the registration area and a couple of the typical raffle-only sponsors.  I assisted with event photos and room proctoring.  And, of course, Micron was present again with their always popular bacon-scented t-shirt!

Despite being a new event, the organizers managed to recruit a good number of speakers and managed to fill out 6 different tracks of 5 time slots.  A great feat!  I’ve seen longer running events with fewer sessions available.  A good number of sessions helps to increase the diversity and ensures that there is “something for everybody.”  The venue itself worked out great with ample parking, ample rooms, and ample space in rooms.  Only the first session I attended was near capacity, which was great (since nobody wants to miss a session due to not enough seats).

All told, I had a great time at the first SQL Saturday Chattanooga and I felt the event was very well done and I look forward to future events from the Chattanooga crew!

Registration and sponsor area

Registration and sponsor area

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