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Updates to the Blog and Site

constructionUpdates to the Blog and Site

One of my goals for my Professional Development Plan for 2015 was to update my online presence…and a large chunk of that is the blog (or blogs).  When I originally started my blog, I performed the debate that many do — which platform to use.  This was a decision between the three primary ones in my opinion:  Blogger/Blogspot, WordPress (Free), and WordPress (Hosted).  Not wanting to deal with cost and wanting a quick setup time, I chose Blogger/Blogspot as well as free Google Sites web hosting.

This configuration has worked well, but I wanted more ability to tweak and customize than I currently had, and that meant it was time to move!  WordPress (Free) has a number of limitations, so my path was pretty clear — WordPress (Hosted).  As if there weren’t already a lot of options, you also get the choice between subscribing to a WordPress only hosting account and a standard web hosting account in which you add WordPress sites to it.  I chose the latter option so as to have flexibility with some other possible projects down the line.

At this point, I’ve completed the migration of most of the data I had on Blogger over to WordPress and it has been a pretty easy transition.  There was a bit of learning curve in getting the initial site setup — domain names and aliases, installing WordPress, and learning how themes and plugins are handled, but the data migration was very easy.  WordPress has a plugin to easily import Blogger content which did a surprisingly good job of bringing over all my content, media, and formatting.  I had to do some minor tweaks to each post to line things up with the new theme, but it was really very minor.  This migration also let me take some of my other sub-sites and match the themes to integrate everything into one cohesive unit.

So, here we are.  I’m pretty happy with how things are progressing and looking forward to completing this project.  Welcome to the new blog and site, hope you enjoy it!




Slacking on the Blog

Slacking on the Blog

Phew, it’s been a busy couple of months!  I’ve been slacking on the blog a bit lately (as tends to be the way with these things), but I plan to get the ball rolling again pretty soon.  There has been a lot going on lately — new GCInsight analytics, SQL Saturday Atlanta, and much more!  Stay tuned as I get back into the routine!

Gussying Up the Place a Bit (and Slacking on the Blog)

Gussying Up the Place a Bit (and Slacking on the Blog)

For anyone keeping score at home, I’ve been slacking off on the blog a good bit lately.  Blame it on summer, a full plate, or any other creative excuses you might be able to come up with.

I’m back and ready to get things back on track.  For my first order of business, I’ve cleaned up the theme of the blog a good bit.  When I was first deciding where to put a blog, I went through a big internal debate of the merits of Google’s Blogger vs. free WordPress.  Ultimately, I chose Blogger for its tight Picasa (now Google+) integration as well as a little bit better feature set for us freebie freeloader blogs.  The one downside has been that I’ve yet to find a theme setup that I really like, which has only fueled the blogging procrastination.

Fortunately, I think I’ve got things gussied up to my liking and I think this one might stick!

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