ssaslogoThis post serves as a full reference of all of the resources I used while on my journey to learn MDX / SSAS Multidimensional.  I’ll try to keep this post updated with an index of resources as I consume them.  Some will be free, some will not, I’ll note which are which.


Full List of Resources


Practical MDX Queries: For Microsoft SQL Server Analysis (Art Tennick) – A hands-on beginners guide to MDX taught almost soley through use of samples and examples which are categorized and escalate in complexity as the book progresses.  Great for people who learn by example.  Each example includes what the results of the query should be as well as explanations.

MDX with SSAS 2012 Cookbook (Sherry Li) – Another book which targets learning by example.  Provides recipes for common MDX scenarios.

MDX Solutions: With SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 (George Spofford) – An old book which is still relevant today (as the core principles haven’t changed) and one of the most respected reference books on the topic of MDX.



MDX Fundamentals (Stacia Misner) – A great introductory series through Pluralsight which covers the initial concepts of MDX and runs through a number of examples and explanations of various concepts in MDX.

Tuples, Sets, and Members: Understanding the Basics of MDX (Brian Larson) – SQL PASS Summit 2014 Presentation (available in Session Recordings)

Beginners Guide to MDX (Alex Whittles) – SQL PASS Summit 2015 Presentation (available in Session Recordings)


Free Online Resources (Text)

Stairway to MDX (Bill Pearson)

Analysis Services MOLAP Performance Guide for SQL Server 2012 and 2014 – A highly technical guide which contains some really great in depth information on how Analysis Services and MDX query processing works under the covers and various methods of query tuning.


Free Online Resources (Video)

MDX 101 (Mitchell Pearson) – A short and great introductory video into the concepts of MDX.



OLAP PivotTable Extensions for Excel – Add additional functionality to Excel PivotTables, such as the ability to add calculated members and view/edit the underlying MDX queries.

MDX Studio – An alternative query editor to SSMS for MDX queries.

Format MDX and DAX Online – An online resource to format MDX queries into a more human readable format.