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Month: November 2014

VMware Introduces Expirations to VCP Certifications

VMware Introduces Expirations to VCP Certifications

Earlier this year, VMware put into effect an expiration / re-certification policy.

This means that effective March 10, 2014, most VMware exams now have an expiration date attached to them requiring re-certification every 2 years (previously certifications were similar to Microsoft in that they were good for the life of the product)

Re-certification is similar to how Cisco performs re-certification in that a credential holder must meet the requirements for and pass any current VCP or VCAP exam.  This then resets the expiration date clock.

I’m not sure how I feel about this — I definitely see the value in pruning out individuals who don’t maintain their skills over the years, but at the same time, its yet another thing that requires maintenance.  At some point, it just becomes too much expense and work and you let it drop off.  Should VMware renewals be exam based?  Or should they be CPE-credit based like the CISSP (in which you perform ongoing education on your own and document it within the portal)?

Fortunately, to ease the transition onto the renewal treadmill, VMware is offering a one-time delta exam to current VCP-DCV (data center virtualization) holders in the form of a “delta” exam.  The delta exam is a shortened version of the VCP exam which only covers recent changes to the platform.  In addition to being shorter, it can be taken online.

The window for the delta exam expires very soon — November 30, 2014.  So, if you’re a current VMware VCP-DCV and want to renew via a shorter and cheaper exam online, act now!  See here for more information on the delta exam and here for a FAQ from VMware regarding the new re-certification policy.

I’ll be working hard over the next few days to study to squeak my delta re-certification in before the deadline.  Good luck!

PASS Summit 2014 Roundup — Second Summit, First in Seattle

PASS Summit 2014 Roundup — Second Summit, First in Seattle

Last year, I attended my first PASS Summit in Charlotte, NC and I was hooked immediately.

This year, Summit returned to its usual home in Seattle, WA, and despite the 2,200 miles from Atlanta, GA to Seattle, WA, I knew I had to go!  I’ve only visited Seattle once previously — and that was for a very brief visit after a grueling hike of the West Coast Trail in Vancouver, CA so I welcomed the opportunity to spend some actual time in the Pacific Northwest to see the sites.  Regardless of the venue, PASS Summit is a very difficult proposition to pass up.

Once again, this year, I took advantage of the early registration for Summit, where the cost to register is almost half of what the final cost can be…yikes.  Early registration is open once again this year, and goes until January 11th, 2015.  I’ll probably take advantage of this as well again this year, once it gets a little closer.

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