The Office Hijinks Series – Part 6: Oh Yeah!  Kool-Aid Man

In July of 2012, the lease for our office space had come up for renewal.  As part of the renewal deal, a renovation of the office space was planned to make better use of the space we had.

As part of the renovation, some offices were to be removed…and what do offices have?  Walls!  And who do we know that likes to break down walls?  The Kool-Aid Man!

Mark’s office was one of the two that were to be removed, so he had the idea that it’d be fun to create a giant Kool-Aid Man mural on the wall — after all, all the drywall and carpet was going away anyway.

Over the course of a few days, an epic Kool-Aid Man was created and not too long after, he smashed through the wall as workers removed it in favor of the new open floorplan.  Apparently, the workers got a good laugh out of him as well.

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