SQL Saturday Roundup: #237 – Charlotte, NC

Following the incredible PASS Summit 2013 in Charlotte, the Charlotte BI Group was gracious to host another edition of SQL Saturday – BI Edition.

As I was already in Charlotte for Summit (and would’ve drive to Charlotte for this event anyway if I hadn’t been at Summit) I took advantage of the opportunity to keep the week of connecting, learning, and sharing with the community for one last day.

This is the second year that CBIG has hosted a SQL Saturday BI Edition and it actually marks the first SQL Saturday that I’ve attended twice in a row (as I really started getting into SQL Saturday last year with Columbus, GA).

As the first SQL Saturday that I’ve attended two years in a row, I thought the event went very well.  There seemed to be a good number of attendees and a lot of big name speakers.  Many of the speakers from Summit stayed the extra day to present at SQL Saturday, though I was surprised that it didn’t seem there were as many attendees from Summit at SQL Saturday that I would have thought.  There were some though and it was fun to identify each other.  Lunch was an excellent BBQ with a number of sides and various lunch time presentations.  I’ve had a lot of BBQ these past couple days, but it was still great!

The sessions presented were top notch.  Two sessions which I particularly enjoyed:

  • James Serra (B | T) gave a really motivating presentation regarding Transitioning to a BI Role.  Some really good information, motivation, and camaraderie here!


  • Fellow Atlantans Julie Smith (B | T) and Rob Volk (B | T) gave an extremely entertaining and interesting presentation Harvesting Web Data in which they mined SQL Saturday data via two different methods.  The data itself (and conclusions) were interesting, but so were the methodologies they used and the fun way in which they presented it.

After the sessions concluded, we convened for the final remarks and raffle.  As we gathered on the lower floor, Doug Purnell got a great group shot of us (below).  In the end of day raffle, I won a gift card, so I was pretty pleased about that.  Thanks CapTech!  It was a great day and a great capstone to Summit 2013.  I look forward to the next CBIG event.

Group Photo by Doug Purnell (http://www.flickr.com/photos/purnellphotography/10374139393/sizes/z/in/set-72157636740830425/)