The Office Hijinks Series – Part 2: The My Little Pony Prank

Welcome to the first in the series of office hijinks and pranks featured on this blog.  Our first prank comes to you from the summer of 2009.

For our first prank, we weren’t really sure what we wanted to do.  We had an idea of whose office we wanted to prank (as he was on vacation for a week), but we weren’t sure what exactly we wanted to do.

Ultimately, we decided the name “Eric” was similar enough to the name “Erica” that we were going to turn his office into a little girl’s room, featuring My Little Pony.

At the time, My Little Pony had not yet come back into mainstream popularity (wow, that’s weird to say), so we didn’t have a lot of resources at our disposal.  We got creative though, fired up Google Image Search and the color printer, and got to work!

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